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Stamped Concrete St. Louis Missouri

Stamped Concrete St. Louis Missouri

Are you looking for a stamped concrete St. Louis Missouri contractor to help you with your custom project, explain all the options you have available and provide you with information on concrete stamping? Look no further, Douglas Concrete & Construction has the knowledge and experience to help answer any questions you may have about the commercial or residential decorative concrete industry.

Stamped concrete also know as imprinted or patterned concrete is the process of impressing textures and patterns into freshly poured cement before it is fully dry. The final product is a durable, cost effective and easy maintenance solution that will resemble other more expensive materials such as stone, brick, slate, cobblestone, tile or even wood. Patios, porches, driveways, pool decks, walkways, basements, steps and landings are all places where stamped cement surfaces can be utilized. Decorative stamped concrete is a must have for any business or home owner wanting to turn their existing ordinary gray cement into an eye catching masterpiece.

To get an idea of the many options available visit our concrete stamp patterns gallery

Stamped Concrete Process

It takes a lot of precision and experience in stamping techniques to make stamped concrete look right, it is not a do-it-yourself weekend project, cement stamping is best left to professional contractors. Below is an overview of the stamping process after your contractor has created the perfect canvas to work with.

To replicate the look and feel of brick, slate, natural stone, wood or other textured materials you need to add coloring agents. First, is the addition of a base color which is usually an integral dye, this is the primary color of the cement and will be mixed in at the plant. This color will extend throughout the entire slab evenly.

After this, highlight colors can be applied to the surface if desired. These are dry shakes and color hardeners and they help produce brighter colors and or natural antiquing for a less uniform weathered look. Next, a powdered or liquid release color is used. This helps prevent the stamping mats from sticking to the concrete surface as well as a natural shadowing of the joints between the stones.

Stamped Concrete St. Louis Missouri
Stamped Concrete St. Louis Missouri

The next step is the actual stamping of the desired pattern into the cements surface. Stamping alignment will need to be checked often along with ensuring the correct random patterning is being used so that the end result is authentic looking. Next place your control joints. This will help reduce the chance of cracking.

The final step is the cleaning and the application of a sealer. A sealer will not only help protect the colors but will actually enhance the color as well. It will protect the surface from weather exposure, stains, chemicals, etc.

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Douglas Concrete & Construction in Saint Louis MO serves commercial and residential clients in Saint Louis county local areas including Florissant, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, Clayton and Creve Coeur. If you have been looking for a BBB A+ rated stamped concrete St. Louis Missouri company who is licensed, bonded, insured and is dedicated to providing high quality work while maintaining competitive prices, we invite you to request a free estimate today by phone or the form below.