Concrete Patios in St Louis, MO

Concrete Patios in St Louis, MO

With the extreme July heat finally subsiding and beautiful warm weather upon us, being outside is wonderful again. Having a concrete patio or deck for bbq’s, family gatherings and entertaining friends is fun for everyone. However, most homeowners today are replacing their wooden decks due to rotting, warping and the high maintenance needed. Patios made out of cement are becoming more popular since homeowners have realized the numerous benefits associated with them. Here are a few reasons why concrete patios are better than any other choice.

Versatility: You don’t need to worry about your patio resembling your neighbor’s. There are new coloring and stamping techniques that contribute to the overall appearance. Materials can be transformed into any shape which makes it easier to fit the pavement into irregular yard spaces.

Through the use of different coloring and staining methods, you can come up with any possible hue to match the rest of your exterior décor. There are lots of patterns and options for designing your patio using cement. Naturally, most homeowners choose a design that blends perfectly with their outdoors. However, there are a few that match their patios to their interior décor to seamlessly conjoin their outdoor living space with the inside. Even better, cement can imitate other materials such as wood, stone or brick.

Durability: Unlike other materials, cement is very durable and can withstand many weather conditions without any damage. In fact, there are many patio contractors that have experience ensuring durability, especially in colder climates. These contractors may go above and beyond industry standards by using steel, wire mesh or rebar and also apply many sealer coats, which can help prevent cracking and improves the overall durability of cement patios.

Easy To Maintain: As mentioned above, most homeowners are switching to concrete over wooden decks since there is less maintenance required. It’s even better than other materials such as natural stone. Lots of people with stone patios often suffer the problem of removing weeds or plants that grow between the stones. This will not happen with a cement slab. It’s a solid surface that doesn’t need frequent staining or resealing. Even better, pavement is not vulnerable to termite infestation, rotting or splintering.

Eco-Friendly: If you want to contribute to the environment, you should definitely choose concrete over wooden decks. Remember, the lumber required for a wooden deck comes from trees that are cut everyday which is a serious crime to the environment. Therefore, its one of the safest and eco-friendly choices you can make. Also, the contents of sealants and staining agents that are applied on wooden decks regularly can harm the environment as well. Since cement doesn’t require these maintenance tasks, it’s definitely the best choice for patios.

Return In Investment: Concrete patios will definitely increase the resale value of your house, when it comes time to sell it. They are certainly a better return in investment than wooden decks. The initial cost is recouped many times over through a longer product life and reduced maintenance costs making cement not only the economical choice, but the best choice.

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