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Commercial Concrete Contractors

Reliable, receptive, prompt and professional are just some of the reasons businesses, real estate owners, property managers and even other commercial concrete contractors choose Douglas Concrete and Construction as their go to concrete company for all their projects.

Commercial concrete surfaces take a beating day in and day out. They see traffic from vehicles, pedestrians, chemicals and don’t forget our beautiful yet sometimes brutal Missouri winters.

You need your commercial project to endure the test of time and make it through the seasons for years to come, right?

You need to hire Douglas Concrete & Construction.

The fact is that we have the manpower, the machinery, equipment and facilities to ensure that the project we undertake goes smoothly and is completed on time and within budget. We are also proud of having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We strive to offer every commercial client with high quality concrete construction no matter how big or small the job may be.

If you are searching for a local St. Louis commercial concrete contractor please allow us to earn your business by submitting our online form or calling us today at 314-838-4246 or 636-544-1199 and request a free concrete estimate.

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Commercial Concrete Contractors – Services

concrete construction


We have been providing our customers with reliable concrete construction services and solutions since the 1980’s. Some of the services we offer include: structural concrete, self leveling concrete, site concrete, deck concrete, gradebeams and pilecaps.

Whether its new construction or a full blown rehab we are the right choice for your commercial project. We have a team of employees who are not only qualified in their specific areas of construction, but also have years of valuable knowledge brought on by extensive real world experience.

concrete demolition and hauling

Demolition and Excavation

Superior professional demolition of concrete and excavation services completed with the highest level of safety not only for our clients but for our team as well. We have a long list of demolition and excavation of concrete including: complete building demolition, area specific demolition for remodeling, asphalt and concrete break out and removal, foundation removal, trenching and backfill, hauling and trucking service.

Douglas Concrete is not only committed to meeting our clients expectations from the start of the job but to do our very best to exceed those throughout the entire project to completion.

saw cutting restaurant walkway


The different types of concrete cutting services we offer are flat sawing also called slab sawing, wall sawing and hand sawing. Typical saw-cutting and removal projects include: parking lots and garages, creating doorway and window openings, residential, commercial and industrial enhancements such as for ventilation purposes, utilities and HVAC openings.

Asphalt and concrete saw cutting requires specialized equipment and expertise to complete a project with professional results. We have the tools to handle the simple to the most challenging projects and finish them in a timely manner.

repairing parking lot

Restoration and Maintenance Work

We are your one stop shop for maintenance services for everything to do with concrete including: roads, driveways, foundations, pavement, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, walls, stairs, parking garages and more. Our licensed and insured crews can handle any size job, big or small including regular maintenance duties for all types of properties private or public.

We will inspect, repair and maintain your concrete surfaces and structures at an affordable price making your life easier. If you are in need of concrete restoration, concrete repair and maintenance in the Saint Louis, St. Charles, or Chesterfield area look no further than Douglas Concrete.

stamping concrete

Decorative Concrete

Quality materials, innovative techniques and a skilled workforce have helped us to become one of the best decorative concrete contractors in the St. Louis area and surrounding communities. We can help your business stand out from the rest by upgrading your plain cement project to a decorative one like stamped concrete, colored concrete, stained concrete or any combination of these.

Check out what concrete color options are available or concrete stamp pattern options you can use located in our resources. You can also take a look at our reputation with the St Louis BBB, or review our testimonials of business customers and residential clientele included on this site.


Foundations & Footings

Foundations and footings are an extremely important part of any building construction, they exist to transfer many different structural loads: live load, snow load, dead load, earthquake load and wind load to name a few.

We have a great deal of experience in structural foundations so we understand not only the function but the strict acceptable tolerances of concrete foundations. The proper width, depth and placement are crucial and in the end it comes down to attention to detail.
Whether you need a block foundation – above and below grade, concrete pad and pier footings, poured walls, concrete dumpster pad or some other vertical application Douglas Concrete & Construction is the best choice.

steps infront of church


Steps and stairways often are left to just a functional status even though in many commercial properties you have the space and the entryway to make a grand entrance for all your visitors to admire. You can achieve this by using different stamp and colors options and by hiring a contractor with a keen eye for expert design.

Our team of highly trained artisans will work with you from concept to completion on your project so that we not only meet our deadlines but exceed out client’s goals as well.

private concrete road


Whether your project involves private roads or public streets, concrete paving is the best choice for your project. There are many differences between concrete and asphalt street paving services which include: physical attributes, cost incurred, environmental and safety factors.

Some of the main reasons you should choose concrete for your road project are: it is the most recycled construction material in the world, life range between 25 to 50 years which saves you big time on repair and maintenance, more rigid and durable which means less potholes to keep drivers and their families safe and sound.

parking lot being finished

Parking Lots & Garages

A concrete parking lot is the right choice for your commercial or industrial property. There are many benefits to choosing concrete over asphalt like: excellent durability, low maintenance and improved safety to name a few.

A parking lot is essentially a slab on grade or an exterior slab on ground that has a sloped surface for water drainage so that water can be directed to certain areas to prevent flooding. Another feature of well built commercial parking structures is steel reinforcement or the use of rebar so that the finished product has the ability to handle heavy vehicle loads.

sealing public sidewalks

Sealer, Stains and Dyes

All concrete surfaces will have wear and tear including rain, snow, oil, gas, fertilizers, UV rays and freezing temperatures. To protect your investment requires proper care and maintenance. This means sealing your concrete whether its driveways, sidewalks, patios or porches – if it’s exterior concrete, protect it now and for years to come – seal it.

Sealing your concrete helps to control moisture penetration as well as contaminants that could produce stains that if left untreated can have permanent damaging effects over time. Concrete sealer also allows your concrete to breathe, this will ensure that no moisture is trapped in the concrete and helps greatly with freeze and thaw cycles.

wheelchair ramp to apartment

Wheelchair Ramps

Building the right concrete wheelchair ramp for your commercial property can sometimes be a difficult task. There are very strict guidelines that have been set up by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that require minimum and maximum widths, edge protection, landings, handrails, stable slip-resistant surfaces, placement of truncated domes and prescribed slopes that are measured in percentages.

If you have decided its time to add ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps to your existing concrete walkways to help your visitors safely and comfortably access your facilities then its time to contact a quality commercial concrete contractor that knows all the rules and regulations set by the ADA – Douglas Concrete is that contractor.

new curbing


Whether your planning a completely new construction project or are in need of repairing your existing concrete curbs, islands and aprons, to keep your property looking its best you need properly structured and maintained surfaces. Our seasoned teams can easily handle all your needs from decorative finishes, stamped and colored to standard roads and curbs for cities and subdivisions.

There are two types of concrete curbing installations the first is cast-in-place curbing, the second is extruded curbing. This type of curbing is not as durable as the first but it can be a very cost effective option if you are working with an existing parking lot and wanting to place the curbing on top of asphalt.

finishing concrete flatwork


Inside or outside, any style or type – if your in need of horizontal concrete work or more commonly called concrete flatwork, we are your company. We have the know-how to install your concrete slabs, floor slabs, slab on grade and slab on deck.

Some companies may look at flatwork as just pouring and concrete finishing, but not us. If you want your walls and slabs to have the highest quality and durability then they need to have the proper base material, the right concrete mix and correct additives, sufficient steel reinforcement and the proper finishing techniques and sealing.

sidewalk and entrance

Sidewalks & Walkways

One of the simplest ways to add an elegant touch to the exterior of your business is with custom sidewalks and walkways. A walkway leading to your entrance is usually the first thing that customers see when they arrive at your property.

The visual impact of combining decorative walkways with stamped and stained landings that incorporate matching patterns and colors will give your business the character it wants as well as increasing your properties value. There are plenty of stamp patterns to choose from and many colors that can be used, making it easy to create a truly one of a kind custom look.

block wall


Douglas Concrete and Construction has been installing concrete walls since we were founded in 1988. We can help you with: retaining walls both segmental and poured, block walls, seat walls around fire pits, bridge abutments and poured concrete walls for retainage and foundations. Our clients include business owners, builders, management companies, land developers, residential customers and other contractors.

We bring expertise and quality to each and every job site we step foot on. Before you start your next project in Missouri or Illinois please give us a call for more info about our commercial concrete contractor services.

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Commercial Properties We Service

Douglas Concrete has been in business since 1988 offering customers throughout Missouri and parts of Illinois the best value on concrete services. As a leader with over 25 years experience in the commercial concrete industry we understand the requirements and strict tolerances of cement structures and surfaces.

We have the practical knowledge and extensive real world expertise to complete public works, industrial, educational, healthcare and municipal buildings. Whether your construction development falls into one of these property types or not we have included examples of our broad scope of commercial properties we serve below.

shopping center sidewalks and curbs

Malls & Shopping Centers

Have a wide variety of areas from exterior eating spots and parking garages to interior food courts and interconnected walkways. Each of these places has its own specific look and feel that can be achieved with different decorative concrete surfaces as well as traditional grey cement.

You may decide that you need a unique textured surface like an elegant european fan pattern that would be perfect for a outside area you want to resemble a foreign cafe where your patrons can feel comfortable, relaxed and possibly forget about their worries and enjoy a nice meal and maybe share a romantic moment.

fast food restaurant walkway

Restaurants & Retail Stores

Popular choices for restaurants and retail stores include stamped concrete, colored or plain and stained and polished concrete. Most of these types of businesses are looking for a durable, easily maintained solution that will provide not only the look they want but will hold up to the excessive amounts of traffic it will receive on a day to day basis.

Douglas Concrete & Construction also makes it a point to ensure that we complete our work within the specified time frame because you cannot afford the down time of a long drawn out project.

hotel curbs and parking lot


Resorts, hotels and even smaller motels all have a very broad spectrum of work that needs to be completed inside and out. Swimming pool decks and patios, tennis courts and other outdoor facilities, gym and lobby floors and porte-cocheres to name a few.

What might be the simplest way to increase your curb appeal for this type of business is to add a nice stamped border like roman slate tile and or a splash of color to the concrete driveway leading into your establishment. This along with nice landscaping and maybe a water feature and retaining walls could be just what it takes to draw in potential customers to your location.

townhouses with long sidewalk

Multi-Family Housing

Condominium Associations, apartment communities and any other type of multifamily living facilities have shared amenities and personal areas. The goal is to create the perfect features so residents can relax, entertain, play and connect with family and friends in a place they can call home.

Douglas Concrete is in the Business of turning houses into home sweet homes. Let us install a custom designed Arizona Flagstone decorative concrete pool deck surround, or maybe London cobble stone walkways throughout the common grounds to create a beautiful park like setting, or how about breath taking herringbone slate entryways and breezeways.

park with decorative concrete walkway

Parks, Clubs & Municipalities

Some of the most complex and highly quality conscious projects take place in and around recreation centers, athletic arenas, splash and water parks. This is due to the fact that the safety of the pedestrians and groups that use these facilities for rest and recreation are of utmost importance.

We believe that if a job is completed well it implies that it is done safely too. We utilize the correct protocols and procedures to adhere to strict safety measures that ensure timely completion of projects within the proposed budget. For this reason we have become a well trusted name throughout many St. Louis area municipalities.

office building

Office & Business Parks

Whether you are just starting to break ground on a brand new commercial property or you have an existing one that needs a makeover there is no better way to improve the aesthetics of your business’ exterior than choosing Douglas Concrete for your restorations and repairs.

Not sure what decorative stamp and color option you should choose in your courtyard to bring out the natural tones of your office buildings exterior. We have been helping local business owners transform their company images for almost 3 decades by providing not only the best concrete solutions but also making sure they have a variety of pricing options to fit within all budgets.

medical facilities parking

Healthcare, Schools & Churches

Educational institutions, learning centers, hospitals and medical facilities have a constant flow of traffic from patients, students and the equipment that is moved and shared across their entire campus grounds. For this reason alone it is extremely important to choose the right cement surface at the right investment that will provide superior wear and tear over any kind of carpet, wood or tile installations.

The right concrete structures and surfaces will not only make your property more beautiful, it will be a lot safer overall as well. This will allow you to lessen the chance and or prevent injuries from taking place which will help reduce your liability.

warehouse loading docks

Industrial Buildings

Industrial floors in manufacturing and maintenance Facilities, automotive shop service bays and warehouse loading dock ramps take a serious beating 24/7, 365 days a year. They may have both standard passenger vehicular type traffic as well as heavy commercial grade machinery and then add in all the chemicals that are used to maintenance these vehicles and you quickly come to the conclusion that we need to hire the best concrete service company in our local market.

Douglas Concrete & Construction has the proven track record and can complete your demanding project whether its an airplane hanger or a distribution center and everything in between.

city hall entrance

Military & Government Buildings

When it comes to administration buildings, courthouses and city halls you want to make sure that you are making any visitor feel welcome and proud as they drive onto or set foot on your property. Having curbs, sidewalks or parking lots that are damaged and riddled with potholes does not promote a positive representation of your city or town.

We understand that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression when a person visits your property so all your concrete fixtures and surfaces need to be maintained regularly on a predictable schedule.